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Prayer Request: Prayer For My Daughter

Prayer Request: Prayer For My Daughter

Prayer For My Daughter

Please Dear God , I ask you to send your miracle healing to my daughter, she is in so much pain. I pray for her relief and healing physically and mentally. You gave her life please Lord heal her and be with her to live a fulfilled happy life to serve you and others. Thank you Lord for the healing you will send her. You are the almighty our most high. I love you and praise you god in all ways of my life.

Posted by on October 20, 2018.

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  1. Lord thank u for blessing me bless family and my friends and everybody who prayed for me lots I need your guidance and your mercy I’m depressed no car no place to stay I have a 6 month old me and my boyfriend are staying with he’s mom and he’s not good the house is in poor health condition mold I have asthma my daughter is coughing not feeling well as well as my boyfriend we are all sick and coughing we both trying too work as well as tend to our child please Lord bless our family I’m trying too get along with my mom as well as he’s and my family just bless me Lord and guide me in the right direction I’m working hard trying to provide for my family the father is watching her while I work I have nobody else to watch her please bless me with a car and a home she has no toys no car seat no ply pin cause we have no room in this little room please help me Lord in Jesus name amen

    by Sharletta Wilson on Jul 19, 2019 at 5:28 am

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